PPA Tour Texas Open – Live Random Thoughts

Everything is bigger in Texas and the deep brackets prove it at the PPA Texas Open. We will see some of the “hot” APP players crashing the PPA Texas Open: Dylan Frazier, Julian Arnold, DJ Young. One player we’ll watch closely is Thomas Wilson after hos recent success. Unfortunately, Texas players Hunter and Yates Johnson aren’t in the line-up. The smallest bracket is Womens Doubles with only 12 teams.

Sunday, November 6th – Championship Sunday

5:50 pm EST – Anna Leigh and Ben win in 3. We’ll have takeaways tomorrow.

2:57 pm EST – The Johns pull it out in 4. Down 9-7 in game 4, they came back and won 11-9. Don’t say those two don’t make adjustments as they have done a lot to counteract what Matt and Eiley have thrown at them. It’s making them even more formidable possibly too. Remember Matt and Riley almost lost early again to Dylan Frazier yesterday for the third time in recent tournaments. They are not only beatable by the Johns.

1:18 pm EST – What a ladies match. The point of the match came in game 4 at 6-6-2 on the Waters serve. AL had poached and left the entire right side of the court open, but Leigh went full sprint mode to keep the ball alive. Got the point back to neutral and AL finally ended it with a in between speed up winner down the middle. The Waters continue to regin supreme, winning in 4 games.

Communication has been a struggle this weekend for the PPA. They finished the mixed today and it’s Travis Rettenmaier and Etta Wright with a bronze over the PPA stalwart team of Jay and Jessie, 11-8 in the third after getting beat down in game 1. Elite weekend for Travis with a 4th in men’s and bronze in mixed as he hasn’t played a ton of tourneys this year. Also an announce her presence medal for Etta Wright.

11:43 am EST – What a weird deal. Tyson wins in 2 games over Ben. The announcers didn’t even know it was not 3 out of 5 as you can see from the video on Twitter we posted.

Saturday, November 5th – Doubles Day plus complete Mixed

10:57 pm EST – It will be Catherine and Riley into Sunday after winning in straight games. They came back in game 2 and we’ll see if they can knock off AL and Ben. It doesn’t appear they are playing the mixed matches for bronze though?

The women’s bronze goes to Parenteau and Jansen, 11-0 and 11-3 over Lucy/Callie. That must have been a sleepy letdown match for Lucy and Callie given the scores there.

As an FYI, the men’s bronze was streamed by Julian Arnold on Facebook that you can see here.

9:13 pm EST – Ben and AL are back to Sunday after a very tight win over Leigh and Tyson. It’s clear from their meeting at the net that they do not enjoy playing each other and it’s awkward all around for the Waters duo to do that. The other Sunday appearance for women’s will be the Waters yet again.

Us crazies would like to see a few more of these backdraw matches but sadly we miss some dandies with different matchups. Podium Deakin is officially back as he gets a bronze with James Ignatowich, 12-10 in the third over Rettenmaier/Burrows. It would have been a super impressive podium from either side but the fact that Deakin is only at his 3rd tournament back after a year off in his late 40s with the game changing this quickly is extra impressive. Someone give us some video of this match!

7:05 pm EST (NML) – Just to give some of our specific thoughts on the day here with some interesting results. Main draw we have yet another same men’s doubles matchup that we are intrigued to watch. Outside of that, the big weekend is for our good buddy Travis Rettenmaier, who is into the bronze medal match with Wes Burrows. Travis has a long day as he still had a mixed backdraw to finish with Etta Wright. But wins over French/Stone, Dawson/Smith, taking the Johns to 3 games and then in the backside beating Jay and Tyson. That’ll be another guaranteed men’s 4th place at a PPA for Travis and a quality result for both he and Burrows.

The other men’s result is Ignatowich and Steve ‘don’t call me washed’ Deakin. Strong day through the back with Ignatowich, who is a more ideal partner for Deakin these days it would seem. They beat Smith/Loong and Dawson/Smith, but will be in tough against AJ/Thomas.

On the women’s side, Bright/Irvine with another win over Lucy/Callie. They looked clearly like the better team against them last time despite barely winning 12-10. They took control in game 3 winning 11-2 for another Sunday appearance for them. It’s a long day for players like Jessie who have to finish their mixed days now too.

6:45 pm EST (Waggish) – Wright/Newman vs Koller/Wilson semi-final was a disappointment if you were expecting 3 close games. Second game Koller/Wilson were making a lot of errors and became frustrated. It was 6-0 before they got their first point. But it got them going to tie it up 6-6. But they couldn’t keep it going past there. 11-5, 11-6. We’ll get another Johns/Johns vs. Wright/Newman showdown Sunday.

6:05 pm EST (Waggish) – Jessie Irvine / Anna Bright vs Callie Smith / Lucy Kovalova. These ladies were closely matched and it goes to 3 games. Somehow it works for Bright and Irvine to stay back from the NVZ even when not in a firefight. Targeting the body and the hips seemed to be the plan of both teams when all at the NVZ. Irvine/Bright 11-8, 7-11, 11-2 to make their appearance on Championship Sunday.

5:15 pm EST (Waggish) – #1 seed Johns/Johns vs #12 seed Rettenmaier/Burrows goes to 3 games! It looked like a blow-out after game 1 11-1. But game 2 gave Rettenmaier/Burrows an 8-1 lead before Johns team started to make a run. They were targeting Collin heavily and too many high balls from Collin had given them a solid lead. In game 3, Collin did a better job with his counter-attacks. They abandoned targeting of Collin which got Ben more involved. 11-1, 8-11,11-3 Johns team.

4:25 pm EST (Waggish) – Texas Open Senior Results:
Mens Senior Doubles 11 teams:
Gold: Barry Waddell / Dave Weinbach
Silver: Jason Peery / Cord Robbins
Bronze: Mike Ellison / David Belew

Mixed Senior Doubles 6 teams:
Gold: Yannet Brister / David Komie
Silver: Laura Hudson / Randall Wood
Bronze: Rachelle Mulanax / Chris Montgomery

No Women Senior Doubles.

The APP has announced The APP Champions Tour. They describe it as a revitalized tour for pickleball professionals aged 50+, featuring 20 tour stops (same as regular APP). See the apptour.org website for their announcement.

3:55 pm EST (Waggish) – MD Semis will be Koller/Wilson vs Newman/Wright. Johns/Johns vs Rettenmaier/Burrows. MD backdraw: Smith/Loong get overtaken by Deakin/Ignatowich 15-13 who play Dawson/Smith next. That’s a good win for Deakin/Ignatowich.

3:50 pm EST (Waggish) – Wright/Newman vs Frazier/Young. Young got 5 points off his first serve! Then Young gets 4 points on his second time to serve to take it 9-0 with all points from same server. 11-1 in less than 7 minutes with 1 time-out. Dylan playing left. Not much would get Dylan off the NVZ. He was there to play offense, not defense. But Matt and Riley mount an offense and a defense in game 2. They had at least 7 tries at game point before Frazier/Young get to their own game point! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Dylan play so offensively. But Riley and Matt aren’t done yet and get another game point at 12-11. It took a second serve but they take game 2. All I can say is I want this type of playing on Championship Sunday. Tense game 3. Young had been the main target but game 3 had Dylan as a fair target which seemed to make a difference with Dylan missing some shots. This time at first game point, Matt and Riley get it done. 11-6.

3:00 pm EST (Waggish) – Devilliers/McGuffin vs Koller/Wilson. Very fast game 1 11-2 for Koller/Wilson. Game 2 had good offensive plays by both teams but ultimately the cousins win 11-7. Koller/Wilson played better as a team, stayed in sync with one another at the NVZ, and could set up plays better with their partner.

2:25 pm EST (Waggish) – Spencer Smith/Tyler Loong force Johns/Johns to a game 3. They led in game 2 9-5. Ben takes a time out and comes back more focused. He’d been making a lot of errors with balls going into the net. The game point at 10-9 was insane but ultimately Smith/Loong win the point and game. In game 3, the Johns made sure Smith/Loong didn’t have an opportunity for crazy offensive plays like poaches, ernes, flying ernes, shake and bakes, or high ball put-aways which is what won them game 2 along with Johns errors. Johns controlled game 3 all the way with NVZ dinking. Johns/Johns (11-8,9-11,11-5) In the women’s, we get a withdrawal by Tereschenko/Wright. I wonder if it was Irina. If you remember, Irina withdrew in Singles.

1:30 pm EST (Waggish) – Finally, we got some entertaining matches on CC. Don’t let the Newman/Wright vs Adrian Brambila/Jack Munro score (11-5,11-4) fool you. It was an entertaining match to watch. Game 2 had great defense by Brambila/Munro and it took Newman/Wright many side-outs to get to game point. Brambila went down twice. Riley’s ball hit him directly in the chest making it look like it was the force of the ball that knocked him down (it wasn’t). The other time he went down, Brambila came close to getting a good hit from the ground. In game 1, Munro got an ATP defense against Riley while Riley was still off-court clapping his paddle!

Patrick Smith/Callan Dawson reached 9-1 game 1 then Greg Dow/Anderson Scarpa got 6 in a row to get to 9-7! Tight game 2 with great rally at 9-9. The lob by Callan eventually led them to winning the rally and the point. Smith/Dawson takes it (11-7,11-9). They play Rettenmaier/Burrows next.

In other news Spencer Smith/Loong over Julian Arnold/Pablo Tellez (12-10,2-11,11-9). The are playing the Johns now on CC.

Pending matches: Devilliers/McGuffin will play Koller/Wilson. Frazier/Young vs Newman/Wright.

11:20 am EST (Waggish) – Posting the women’s while waiting for something interesting to happen.

Last year’s Texas Open Podium:
Gold: Lucy Kovalova / Simone Jardim
Silver: Leigh Waters / Anna Leigh Waters
Bronze: Not listed

Last PPA tournament (N2Grate DC) Podium:
Gold: Lucy Kovalova / Callie Smith
Silver: Leigh Waters / Anna Leigh Waters
Bronze: Catherine Parenteau / Lea Jansen

NML Fantasy draft:
Slim grabbed it all: Waters, Smith/Kovalova, Parenteau/Jansen. Maybe he needs to change his name to Greedy! That left Gritty with the only last viable team of Irvine/Bright. But Dizon/Jones have gotten bronze once so he may get thrown a bone!

10:45 am EST (Waggish) – Mens Doubles start is 9:00 a.m. Tournament Local Time (TLT) so they have started. Womens Doubles start scheduled for 1:00 p.m. TLT. No word when Mixed will complete its bracket. It looks like the weather has cleared out so should end up being a sunny, mild day. Perfect conditions for great pickleball! Looks like we may get to watch the Johns brothers on CC run over a poor #32 seed team.

Last year’s Texas Open Podium:
Gold: Matt Wright / Ben Johns
Silver: Rob Nunnery / Rob Cassidy
Bronze: Tyson McGuffin / Riley Newman

Last PPA tournament (N2Grate DC) Podium:
Gold: Ben Johns / Collin Johns 
Silver: Riley Newman / Matt Wright 
Bronze: Callan Dawson / Tyler Loong 

NML Fantasy draft:
After the top 2 teams (you know who).
Slim chose Frazier/Young.
Gritty chose Koller/Wilson.

Friday, November 4th – Mixed

8:30 pm EST – All play postponed until tomorrow. Check back in then. Should be a busy day!

6:21 pm EST – We are waiting until 8 pm EST for the mixed semifinals to continue. It’s Jay/Jessie vs. Catherine/Riley along with a Waters v. Waters matchup on the other side. Leigh Waters and Tyson McGuffin continue to be solid together. There has been nothing exceptional about their mixed pairing, but they don’t usually have a bad day together. Waters/McGuffin got a win against Lucy/Matt today for a semi-final appearance. They have not broken through to a Championship Sunday, but you can usually expect them to avoid bad losses as a duo. They are just a step below that elite level and it’s very difficult to make that jump.

Our guy, Travis Rettenmaier, having a very strong day with Etta Wright. Wright is someone with a good amount of upside and she seems to only be getting better. One more win and they are in the bronze medal match after wins over Newell/DJ young, Sheehan-Dizon/Dawson and, most impressively, Bright and Loong. Lucy/Matt are still making their way through the backdraw on the other side and will wait for the loser of Catherine/Riley vs. Jay/Jessie.

5:42 pm EST (Waggish) – I’ll catch you up with the brackets. Meghan and Callan resumed against Catherine and Riley with some fight. Went to 3 games but ultimately Catherine and Riley win. 11-2, 10-12, 11-1. They face Jessie and Jay next. Mother vs daughter Waters are waiting for their semi. Waters/McGuffin beat Kovalova/Wright 11-9, 11-7. In the back-draw, Bright/Loong beat Smith/Koller 15-12 and face Wright/Rettenmaier next. I was watching that one when it went to rain delay at 11-9. Jansen/Ignatowich got defeated by Jones/Smith 15-9 who go on to play Kovalova/Wright.

1:50 pm EST – We are in a rain delay here with some stormy weather. It was a windy day on Thursday and we have another one today so hopefully the weather will calm down. We are still in the early stages with the first semi-finalists being Jessie/Jay, who won 11-9 and 11-9 over Loong/Bright. They had their chances but could not quite squeeze out either game over Jessie/Jay. Notably, Callie/AJ lost to Sheehan-Dizon/Dawson, which is not a good loss for them by any stretch. The other result to mention is Jansen/Ignatowich pushed Leigh Waters/McGufin to 7 points in the third game, but couldn’t quite seal the deal.

12:30 pm EST (Waggish) – ALW and Ben vs Lacy Schneeman and Julian Arnold (Results 4,7). Quick games for ALW and Ben. An alert Ben took advantage whenever Julian leaned in the middle triggering Ben to hit to Julian’s backhand or sideline.

11:50 am EST (Waggish) – Jay Devilliers/Jessie Irvine vs Travis Rettenmaeir/Etta Wright. Results(4,4) for Jay and Jessie. Net balls from their opponents and high balls from them told the story here. The first game Travis looked like he was getting big on the court and that may have thrown Etta off somewhat when she had some good opportunities. Travis also seemed to struggle to find the soft touch and his resets weren’t working well enough to get the point back to neutral. Jay/Jessie face Anna Bright/Tyler Loong next. But next up on CC should be ALW and Ben vs Lacy Schneeman and Julian Arnold. Fairly easy first rounds for the PPA contracted players. Sheehan-Dizon/Dawson pushed to 3 games though against Emily Ackerman and Wesley Burrows.

8:30 am EST (Waggish) – Good morning, fellow pro fans! We have 30 teams in the MXD draw. But I’m not seeing any who could be a real threat to the normal PPA contracted players podium.  Keep an eye on Lacy Schneemann with Julian Arnold and James Ignatowich with Lea Jansen.

The weather is likely to be a big spoiler.  Even tornado warnings could be issued!  So high winds all day plus rain moving in.  Expect weather delays and the possibility of it not finishing today. Hopefully, PPA has lined up one of the area’s indoor venues as a back-up.  Usually PPA will broadcast all the quarter-finals for MXD.  But with the rain, they may forgo that and just try to get it done as quickly as possible.  When I watch PPA vs APP, PPA seems to move at a snail’s pace through the brackets with the incessant long breaks for commercials.

Last Year Results:
Gold: Callie Smith / Tyson McGuffin
Silver: Jessie Irvine / Jay Devilliers
Bronze: Anna Leigh Waters / Jw Johnson

2:15 am EST – The mixed draws are never as fun. Lucy/Matt draw the short straw this weekend on Ben/AL’s side while Jay/Jessie take their turn on the other Championship Sunday side of the bracket. Some different teams to look out for are Lea Jansen/James Ignatowich and Yana Newell/DJ Young.

Thursday, November 3rd – Singles

9:48 pm EST – Julian Arnold with a bronze. 11-8 and 11-9 over Gabe Joseph. He’ll be very disappointed with his match against Tyson as he didn’t have close to his best stuff for whatever reason. However, 3 quality wins in the backdraw over Devilliers, Alshon and Joseph is not a bad silver lining.

9:03 pm EST – Another Ben and Tyson final after Ben was pushed by Christian Alshon pretty hard. Alshon has some skills but seasoning is needed for him. Got to give credit to Tyson who made quick work of an unforced error filled match against Julian Arnold and then having some serious clutch stuff in game 1 versus Tellez. For all of the soft draws, Tyson has been a consistent performer all year.

On the women’s side, we’ll likely see another sleepy gold for AL, who was pushed to 3 both matches today by Bright and Devidze. For Lea Jansen, it has to feel good to win one over Parenteau as her results along with outright withdrawals have meant not a ton of good results recently. Parenteau ends up with the bronze over arch nemesis Salome Devidze.

7:15 pm EST (Waggish) – We’ve seen a changed Salome Devidze today. Devidze pushed AL hard in game 1. She had AL running all over that court, more so than Devidze was forced from side to side. AL still won it. In game 2, the old Devidze would likely have called the ball out when AL got the point 6-8. But Devidze kept steady with solid play and no drama and won game 2. In game 3, AL got off to a lead but started having trouble with the dusk light. I guess she remembered she still had sunglasses on. After a time-out where she switched glasses, she resumed play to a quick, clean finish. (11-7, 7-11, 11-5). AL vs Lea on Sunday.

6:30 pm EST (Waggish) – Johns vs Alshon. Ben Johns looked like he just woke up from a nap in game 1. Alshon ran over him in game 1 (11-5). Alshon did an excellent job coming to the net. In game 2, the real Ben arrived on the court to get the lead 8-1. Alshon was making a lot of unforced errors. It was very windy and many balls going out. Ben (11-5). Game 3: 11-6. We’ll see Ben on Sunday. We’ll also see Lea after her win over Catherine Parenteau (5,8-11,7).

5:08 pm EST (Waggish) – Irina retired in her match against Salome Devidze then withdrew.  We assume that means an injury. It could be a long wait before we see Salome’s match against ALW as CC seems to be getting backed up. ALW’s match against Bright went to 3 games showing Bright brings the fight (11-2,9-11,4). Tyson brought his awesome fighting spirit today beating Julian Arnold 11-2, 11-7.  The Lea vs Catherine match now going into a game 3. Next scheduled men’s on CC will be Johns vs Alshlon. 

3:08 pm EST – A lot has gone on today. Ben Johns is in the semi-finals after beating Jhonnatan Medina Alvarez who has another good showing on center court for the second PPA in a row. Ben’s opponent will be either Christian Alshon or Brandon Lane. Lane had a big upset over Dylan Frazier in two games, 11-9 and 11-4, as another high level tennis guy entering the game that we haven’t heard of other than seeing his name in draws. Pablo Tellez is in the semi-final on the other half of the draw after beating Jay Devilliers in two games, 5 and 6. Devilliers had beaten Gabe Joseph but Tellez beat up on Jay. Tellez will have a legitimate shot to take down either Tyson McGuffin or Julian Arnold in the next round. 

Early-ish going on the women’s draw. It looks like we’ll get a Parenteau/Jansen semi-final matchup as the Megan Fudge withdrawal left Jansen with an easy streak road to this matchup. Salome Devidze had to go 3 games in her first match and is currently on court with Irina for the right to likely play Anna Leigh Waters. 

1:30 pm EST (Waggish) – All chalk in Mens and Womens singles.  A few withdrawals to note: Megan Fudge and Tyler Loong. The PPA top players are looking good in the streaming for these first rounds if you don’t mind watching blow-outs. Irina easily defeated Ava Ignatowich 11-5, 11-1. The #9 seeded  DCon went down in his first match to #24 seeded Edward Boone (results: 4,4). Boone shows as an Austinite and you would expect strong Texas players.  According to PPA’s blog, Texas has the second most courts of any state.  That is a surprising statistic, if true.

3:02 am EST – We’ll go a little deeper this week with exhibit 438 of how the PPA messes with their draws. Dave ‘DCon’ Coey, a 34 year old from Arizona, is the 8 seed somehow. Conley is 4-8 in his last 4 PPA main draws and has a 4.91 singles DUPR. How the hell is he the 8 seed? Interestingly, Conley was tagged by the PPA in their Instagram seedings post. Odd to tag a guy in their post who literally is not a 5.0 DUPR rated singles player. DCon, who do you know at the PPA? Enjoy the seeding (correction: Dcon is the 9 seed but the comment still stands).

For those curious, it was explained to us in late January that 3-4, 5-8, 9-12 coin flip for seeding in those respective ranges and everything after 12 is random. Conley cannot possibly be the 8 seed on PPA points. Of course, we can always be corrected.

(Waggish) – Another huge Men’s singles field with another play-in. Julian Arnold, Dylan Frazier may make some trouble for the PPA singles field. Gabriel Joseph can also be a formidable Singles opponent, who has not been around much these days. The last PPA (N2Grate DC) we had Devilliers facing off against Johns instead of McGuffin. What will this one bring?

A new name in the PPA Womens Singles: Ava Ignatowich, sister of James Ignatowich. Ava has been dipping her toes into APP tournaments at different levels without a Pro podium. Is this her time to make a disturbance? Megan Fudge will also be trying to disrupt the PPA ladies with a looming quarter-final matchup against Lea Jansen. Salome Devidze won bronze at the PPA Championships in Las Vegas. Can she go higher this tournament? She is on AL’s side of the draw this time though.

22 thoughts on “PPA Tour Texas Open – Live Random Thoughts

  • November 3, 2022 at 12:28 am

    Forget this stuff. It’s Nov. 3rd, I want to hear all about PPA’s announcement on vape… Or was it viper… Oh ya, it was the copycat calamity tour. Can’t wait. And as always, thank you for your time. 😉

  • November 3, 2022 at 7:23 am

    From social media: Mark Cuban is named as owner of first VIBE pickleball team. Scheduled debut is February.

  • November 3, 2022 at 7:49 am

    Dylan is the #4 seed! How could ppa let this happen lol. He’s on their good graces.

    • November 3, 2022 at 7:52 am

      Dylan (8) and Devillier (4) are the three and four in this tourney….seems like PPA is following their guidelines .

      • November 3, 2022 at 8:17 am

        Makes sense, mostly joking 😉

    • November 3, 2022 at 9:02 am

      Of course. He joined VIBE so he’s a golden boy now.

    • November 5, 2022 at 2:09 pm

      Loving Deakins significant run through the back draw in mens dubs. Hopefully its a sign he’s rounding into form after so much time away.

  • November 3, 2022 at 7:49 am

    Regarding the Dcon seeding….based on my quick read of the current PPA Men’s singles points listing and the athletes who are entered, Cincola (21), Foster (22), Alshon (25), and Dcon (27) are 9-12. Obviously a ton of higher ranked players (Staksrud, Johnsons, Sherry, FAD, etc) not playing.

    • November 3, 2022 at 8:01 am

      My bad, FAD is playing…..FAD (10), Arnold (11), Loong(12), Gudz (18) are 5-8.

      • November 3, 2022 at 8:16 am

        How did Arnold get 7 and Loong 5 with those rankings? Is there that much volatility in seeding?

        • November 3, 2022 at 8:25 am

          They take the 5th-8th highest ranked players, and randomly shuffle them. Then they do the same for the 9th-12th, and then 13th and below. This helps to make sure they don’t have the exact same bracket every tournament.

          In the end, a sub-5.0 player got in as the 9th seed because he played a ton of PPA tournaments, gathered some points even though he didn’t play well, got to 27th place in the standings, ended up being the 12th highest ranked of the players participating in this tournament since many didn’t show up, and then randomly got chosen over 3 other players to take the 9th seed.

  • November 3, 2022 at 2:37 pm

    Not intending to be a gross old lady here, but Alshon’s physique is insane

    • November 3, 2022 at 3:30 pm

      he would take gold if looking good was the primary criteria.

      unfortunately, his backhand is a major weakness and when ben finally figured it out, he rolled to the final.

  • November 3, 2022 at 2:48 pm

    Link to the blog on your fb page plz

  • November 4, 2022 at 11:01 am

    In Bright/Tyler vs Jessie/Jay game 2, I thought Jessie and Jay kept themselves at the NVZ while pushing Tyler and Anna off numerous times. Tyler also hung back at the baseline too long when they were the serving team. Tight game 1 when both parties maintained the NVZ better but game 2 won by who controlled the NVZ.

    The DIzon/Dawson game 1 beat down from Newman/Parenteau 11-2 was surprising after Dizon/Dawson beat Smith/Koller 11-1 in their 2nd game against them. Unforced errors galore by Dizon and uncharacteristically by Dawson. Maybe the rain delay will have them focused when they resume.

  • November 5, 2022 at 2:36 pm

    Mark Cuban in the house. Sitting beside Connor Pardoe watching womens.

  • November 5, 2022 at 7:49 pm

    Deakin played solid. But Ignatowich took over in the matches I saw. His counters, hand speed and power are all clearly elite if not something we haven’t seen before. His drops and dinks are average but he doesn’t miss them too much. But nobody could keep up with him once he sped the ball up, which was very often . What is that paddle he’s using. 002A?

  • November 5, 2022 at 8:36 pm

    Wow. Two teams in the MD bronze that you would never have expected. Interesting that they were close in seeding 11 and 12. 12 seed R/B takes out seeds 3,4,5. 11 seed D/I takes out seeds 4,6 (rematch),8. This may spell doom for the fantasy draft. Not chalk by any means! I haven’t seen the bronze yet but it looks like a must watch. And thanks to Julian Arnold for streaming and sharing.

  • November 5, 2022 at 10:14 pm

    I am sick and tired of the garbage PPA not showing us any backdraw matches since about the civil war. So many amazing matches/matchups have taken place in all brackets over the past tournaments, but they don’t even show the BRONZE MEDAL MATCHES anymore! Why even play for bronze? Why have a medal if nobody sees you win it and it’s so unimportant? It’s so dumb just like the PPA and I’m sick of it.

  • November 6, 2022 at 7:01 am

    So great to see Jessie thriving after the split with CP. I like the Waters but will be rooting for Jessie in this one!

  • November 6, 2022 at 9:22 am

    WD in medical time-out. It looked to me AL may have over-extended her knee. She was holding her knee. But it may be higher up in the hamstring area. Mom was calling someone before commercial break.

  • November 6, 2022 at 9:50 am

    Incredibly weak senior fields. Appreciate your brief coverage, which is more than they deserve. (Liked the pics last week comparing the senior men’s teams in the app and ppa events.)

    Did Weinbach not play mixed? Six senior mixed teams, and zero senior women’s doubles. Pathetic. Do you know what the payouts are? Can they even earn their entry fees back? Do they let the senior “pros” in the pro players lounge?

    Thoughts on the APP senior events scheduled for next year, which you noted?


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