About NML Pickleball

We are two (no longer anonymous) buddies, Slim and Gritty, who have developed an immense passion for pickleball. While all the major sports have countless sites, blogs and podcasts dedicated to them, there is next to nothing in the way of opinion or analysis for this constantly growing pickleball world. We’re simply two guys who have way too many thoughts about pickleball and figured a blog (that is not anonymous anymore) would be a great place for all the world to disagree with. We initially went by aliases to be able to give the most honest assessments that we possibly could and, since our identities have been revealed, we have kept it as frank as ever.

If you want to find out more about us, listen to our appearance where we revealed our identities on Lauren McLaughlin’s Pickleball After Dark podcast

Contact Us

You can contact us through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or by email at nmlpickleball@gmail.com.