NML Newsletter Compilation – February 24th

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Easy Fix to Challenges?

We have complained about line calls a number of times but we aren’t always the best at offering solutions to fix the intentional and unintentional bad line calls issue that permeates pro pickleball. Beyond some kind of punishment scale, we have generally left solutions to those who actually have to deal with the specifics.

However, with challenges becoming more prevalent with higher production values at events, there is one solution we think should absolutely implemented that does not require anything drastic. Both Zane Navratil and Hard Eights part-owner, Tim Parks, have discussed this concept on different podcasts, and that is the standard of review for overturning a call that is challenged.

In other pro sports, it is required that there is some version of indisputable/incontrovertible evidence to overturn a call. However, in a sport without refs, where players make their own calls and are inherently biased, it really makes no sense to require a beyond a reasonable doubt type of standard to overturn a player’s call that is almost always in their favor.

We’re not exactly sure what standard should be in place – 51% sure? 60% 75%? What does a percentage mean anyway? Regardless, it seems like the standard should be significantly less than 100% certain. Changing the standard to overturn a call in itself won’t stop bad calls, but at least it would make the playing field more level when a review does occur, especially with the less than perfect camera technology in place to identify the correct call.

Can We Stop With the Timeouts?

It all started on social media as it so often does these days. MLP Commissioner, Brooks Wiley, responded to a tweet asking to remove “mid pickleball game timeouts.” Wiley disagreed and we disagreed with Wiley. It sparked some discussion amongst other pickleball Twitter users that you can check out.   (https://twitter.com/Brooksasaurus/status/1627684732614967302?s=20)

It has never bothered us enough for us to bring it up for the blog but we have talked quite a bit amongst ourselves how silly the total number of timeouts there are in pickleball, at least in traditional scoring. 2 timeouts per team per game to 11 is kind of insane. 

For whatever reason, we love our timeouts in North American sports.  In basketball, there are so many timeouts that the final 2 minutes becomes 20 minutes. In football, we give teams 3 timeouts per half despite how little on field action there is. Baseball finally put a cap on the number of total mound visits per game a few years ago, but for many years pitchers and catchers could talk as many times as they wanted in a game.  

It’s like we think our athletes can’t work through adversity on their own. For the most part outside of football where timeouts are for time management, timeouts serve as a momentum killer when things aren’t going well. Why do we want it like this? It’s not a fatigue thing in doubles. If it is, pro athletes may want to think about getting on a fitness program. 

From an entertainment perspective for pickleball, the timeouts don’t benefit fans in our opinion. The networks like them for commercials but they unnecessarily break up the flow of the game. If you want people to stay locked in, don’t give them so many opportunities to leave during a match. The professional athletes can figure out their issues during the match. Regardless of whether timeouts ultimately benefit favorites or underdogs, there are enough breaks in pickleball that you really don’t need any timeouts in a game to 11.

We don’t have to get too crazy though. We will settle for cutting the timeouts in half to one per team in traditional scoring. MLP already cut it down to one timeout per rally scoring game to 21, which also isn’t necessary considering there is already a timeout at the 11 side switch. 

As we have said before, pickleball doesn’t have to be the same as other sports. We can stop the obsession with timeouts.

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5 thoughts on “NML Newsletter Compilation – February 24th

  • February 27, 2023 at 12:59 am

    Thank you for your time and posting. That line-call thing really needs some work. Staksrud made two bad calls, did it change the outcome? Lea Jansen basically won the women’s singles because she lied so much against Devidze. Devidze was obviously the better player but it’s difficult to come back in the third game when you know your opponent is lying and the ONE ref they have is basically dead (don’t give me that crap that Devidze deserved it). It was awful sportsmanship from Lea Jansen. Pretty pathetic standards by the PPA as well. Tour companies really need to be held responsible for every ‘important’ match to have line cameras on all court lines, each team gets two challenges and there are at least 2 refs. Announcers don’t help the situation as they love poor sportsmanship and bad calls.

    Agree with one time-out per game per team.

    • February 28, 2023 at 10:04 am

      MLP looks to be trying to figure it out. Not sure with what PPA is doing.

  • February 27, 2023 at 3:44 am

    “beyond a reasonable doubt” for the refs overturning a call or for the opponents overturning a call? Many experienced refs could probably overrule based on that standard. The opponents will be just as biased as the team making the call.

    About timeouts. PPA has taken away player initiated timeouts when they inserted commercial timeouts. At TOC, games on championship day had 1 timeout which upset a few players.

  • February 27, 2023 at 4:18 am

    Totally agree on the timeouts . And yes we need help with line calls, note the 3 horrendous calls by Jansen vs Devidze where Jansen eventually won. No way she saw all those as out. AND REFS How could they miss Kovalova and that one legged erne fault . Is it age?? is it lack of attention ?? please dont say ” volunteers , work so hard “, blahblah then the score gets screwed up , ” I didnt see the ball ” Geez the players could keep their own score . Kinda pathetic. Ball rolls under the stands , players digging on hands and knees. My wife who isnt an addict like me laughed at that ! Amd please let Parris Todd and ALW help some of the players dress. One player-not to be mentioned-in womens doubles wore a white tee shirt that looked like @#$# and another always wears one size too small top and bottom . I guess the bottom line is lack of pay for players . Im sure Koop says these payouts are chump change bc she dominates when she plays but why play for that?? Wish she could play more. ahhhh im totally grumpy today after this weekend s tournament , but did have some great matches though i must say


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