APP Tour Philadelphia Open Preview

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A dueling weekend that isn’t really a fair fight from a pro perspective between the PPA and APP. Things are a lot different than they were a year ago as the PPA will be streaming all weekend on Amazon Prime versus the APP’s no streaming for half the tournament. We’ll still be keeping an eye on this one.

Men’s Doubles

1. Andrei Daescu / Rob Nunnery – If Rob is healthy, this team should be a heavy favorite still.

2. Andre Mick / CJ Klinger – Can Andre and CJ go back to back with their gold medals?

3. William Sobek / Martin Emmrich- Sobek and Emmrich are a fascinating team, who I think could actually make Championship Sunday.

On the Cusp

Hunter Johnson / Yates Johnson – It has been a while since the Johnson brothers have gotten a result in men’s doubles.

Ryler DeHeart / Richard Livornese Jr. – Livornese is a player on the rise, it will be interesting to see how he does with DeHeart this week.

Intriguing Teams

Jayden Broderick / Spencer Lanier are a couple NextGen players on the rise. Anderson Scarpa / Marshall Brown are an MLP that we will be getting a look at.

Men’s Singles

1. Hunter Johnson – Hunter has been the dominant male singles player on the APP tour this year,

2. Jhonnatan Medina Alverez – One of the more consistent men’s singles players on the tour.

3. Yates Johnson – The results have not been there for Yates lately, can he turn it around this weekend?

On the Cusp

William Sobek – I still can’t figure out why William Sobek didn’t enter into the MLP draft.

Jack Foster – Jack has been playing some of his best pickleball of late.

Ryler Deheart – Ryler gets good singles wins, but does not seem to be able to put together complete todays.

Intriguing Players

Eduardo Irizarry has been close to a real breakout, is this the weekend that he actually does? Iy will be interesting to see what Marshall Brown can do in an APP singles field. Ronan Camron got gold at the Gamma Classic last week.

Mixed Doubles

1. Andrei Daescu / Susannah Barr – Andrei and Susannah have been pretty dominant this year on the APP tour.

2. Hunter Johnson / Parris Todd – Hunter and Parris have not had the success that they probably anticipated on the APP Tour this year.

3. Ryler DeHeart / Tina Pisnik– Ryler’s mixed results have not been great, but Tina is on a rapid rise lately, and coming off a silver at TOC.

On the Cusp

Simone Jardim / Yates Johnson – Simone is still one of the best mixed players out there, but she and Yates have failed to get results together

Andersen Scarpa / Arielle Butler – The pair are coming off a bronze at the Gamma Classic

Andre Mick / Allison Harris – These two have made a Championship Sunday together.

Intriguing Players

Vivian Glozman / Robert Nunnery, Vivian’s mixed results have been particularly concerning, if she and Nunnery can’t get results here, it will be a little alarming.

Women’s Doubles

1. Parris Todd / Simone Jardim – Assuming Simone is healthy, this team has yet to lose on the APP this year.

2. Megan Fudge / Susannah Barr – Can this team breakthrough against Simone and Parris after their first gold at the last APP?

3. Alix Truong / Vivian Glozman – Two players who feel as though they have plateaued in their own way. This will be a good test.

On the Cusp

⁃ Tina Pisnik / Tammy Emmrich – Pisnik and Emmrich could rightfully be in that #3 spot after Tammy’s good showing in St. Louis.

⁃ Allison Harris / Mari Humberg – A bronze in St. Louis together, a bronze medal is in play.

Intriguing Teams

⁃ Where ya been Martina Frantova? Frantova teams up with Christa Gecheva. Kelsey Grambeau / Ryann Foster fit into intriguing following Grambeau’s big win over Todd/Radzikowska. Amanda Hendry / Heather Nobler are not flashy but they are in the mix.

Women’s Singles

1. Salome Devidze – Who knows if Parris plays and even if she does the singles has not taken a jump.

2. Parris Todd – She is the gold medal favorite if she plays.

3. Dominique Schaefer – She won gold over Salome in St. Louis, but she has to show more to be a favorite.

On the Cusp

⁃ Megan Fudge – A little bit concerning that she pulled out of the winners bracket final match in Pittsburgh against Amanda Hendry.

⁃ Jessica Warren – Warren has two APP medals in 2023.

⁃ Amanda Hendry – She is always in the mix for these APPs now.

Intriguing Players

Another where ya been situation, Rachael James is back in a pro draw and is dangerous. Simone Jardim is not a player anyone wants to face if she plays. Mari Humberg is improving slowly.

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2 thoughts on “APP Tour Philadelphia Open Preview

  • August 25, 2023 at 9:23 am

    Megan Fudge pulled out of singles to support her children who were playing 3.0 at the tournament. A laudable mom move from Megan.

    • August 26, 2023 at 2:58 am

      She has done that and she has also forfeited a match to support her husband Ryler before then grinded out a backdraw


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